Richard Lainhart - Cranes Fly West - Digital Schiphorst Edition 2010

EXO004D | download | 2010 | pay what you like

No longer limited in the virtual violet - bodyless - world.

Just in time for Richard's performance at the Avantgarde Festival in Schiphorst this summer. This limited edition includes two tracks of the upcoming regular "Cranes Fly West"-album later this year plus two exclusive tracks from Richard's audio-arcvhive and one remix; previously unreleased.

  1. An Open Window In An Empty Room (10'52)
  2. A Bell Above The Clouds (11'53)*
  3. A Sense Of Loss (12'17)*
  4. Threshold (15'03)
  5. Erik Submarina (A Sense Of Loss Remix by Mirko Uhlig) (12'08)*

* indicates the bonus tracks

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