What this little label is about

Producing silence is the gain of great music.?!,...

Ex Ovo was founded at the beginning of January 2006. This was not a new-year’s fad but our love for dulcet drone music. We don’t want to specialise in any particular format: we love them all. So there will be releases on vinyl, CDR, CD and maybe something special on cassette. Time will tell.

What kind of music do we release? With Ex Ovo we concentrate on drone based music - rather touching the realms of "Discreet Music" then pumping up our trousers with harsh sonic destruction - and on music using minimal approach/appeal for maximal g(r)ain. Oh, the philosophical discourse about "what's meant with 'minimal music'? constructions via minimal gear, minimal harmony or for minimal joy" should be discussed elsewhere. All in all we just needed a drawer.  

Due to some not so unimportant parameters like "time" and "money" we're not going to release music every week - or month. This only means: Please understand we cannot attend to demos or propositions at the moment.

Thanks for visiting and remember: All our products are fair-trade!

Sincerly yours,
Mirko (Uhlig) & Tobias (Fischer)

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