Ex Ovo Orchestra - Live @ AZ Conni

Ex Ovo | mp3 | 2007 | free download

At the end of the little two nights curated by AZ Conni Dresden and Ex Ovo most of the artists joined on stage for a final improvised session ranging between free form drone, concrete music and unearthly vibrations that made the audience dance. Contains live drumming!

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About the record

February, Dresden, 2007: The E.T.A. Festival saw into the mouth of its 10th anniversary. So for this special event Ex Ovo thought about some special performance taking place at the traditional E.T.A.-venue, the AZ Conni in Dresden. Via local musician Eric Heyde (aka Balog) the opportunity for a sudden idea called The Ex Ovo Orchestra came to birth: To bring some of the contributioners for the “I, Mute Hummings/Mute Scribbles”-samplers up on one single stage; performing one hour (+) of improvisation and confusion.

PLEASE NOTICE: This is no masterboard-recording and it has pretty much the quality of a (good) bootleg recording - so this should be handled as a bootleg: for free!

The Ex Ovo Orchestra for that night was:

Eisen - keyboard, electronics
Steffen Glaeser - manipulations
Eric Heyde - vocals, manipulations
Marcus Obst - tape loops, field recordings
Gregor Scheibe - drums, percussions
Tobias Fischer - electronics
Mirko Uhlig - electronics, bass, drone backbone

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